Health and weight loss – some basic questions

Most diets are fad diets. Almost all of them appear and disappear just today morning. The latest craze is that people try out all the crazy diet concepts that keep almost any food. These programs, which prevent complete food groups, are certainly unsafe diets.

What are the right foods?

Carbohydrates are actually the primary source of energy for your body to function. In fact, your brain is able to function because it draws energy from carbohydrates.

About meat in your diet, it is real meat will provide a lot of fat to your system. However, eliminating cannot help much. So to think that you have in your food the way out to the amount of fat. Finally, you need minerals and vitamins that are available in meat. If you eliminate these ingredients, you take one of the unsafe diets. For example, iron deficiency can lead to anemia.

Then you need proteins, which are the inevitable inputs to your health because they supply the growth of fresh cells and tissues fuel. Where your diet keeps meat, you must find protein supplements in the form of soybean, the fish, the chicken, eggs, etc… Be aware of unsafe dieting.

An optimal and healthy diet is based on the following three principles:

Focus on fresh, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, sprouts, herbs, seeds, and high-quality oils.
Drink at 2.5 and 3 litters of pure non-carbonated spring water.
Fitness and Sport -a n important part of weight loss

Muscle building and fat loss

At 8 weeks of training (2-3 units a week), you can define up to a kilo of muscle mass. Who wants to “convert” fat into muscle, strength training with 3-4 endurance sessions should complement the week (45-60 minutes of jogging, cross trainer, cycling or swimming). Women should not shy away from strength training. Although they can build muscle mass in such a short time, but the definition of the body in women is not as pronounced as in men.