Health and weight loss – How to lose weight without damaging your health?

People, who not only change your appearance permanently, but also, have a charisma, as and these, who improve their performance and health, and suddenly enjoy great professional success, have a secret. These people seemed to have grown in the armchair, and now take part in sports competitions. What is the secret?The secret is that these people are changed themselves, their habits and their views about 180 degrees. They waste no thought more strange diets. However, they recognize that there is aspecialdiet.They recognized that the traditional diet is very simple and it is called healthy eating.

Weight loss- Food and Health Tips

Oily foods (oily foods = O)

Avoid fried foods and anything that contains excessive amount of oil, such as chips, peanuts, biscuits such as donuts, French fries, mayonnaise, etc.


Avoid not only table sugar but also all types of sugar (including brown sugar, cane sugar, fructose, lactose, etc.) In addition, all kinds of sweeteners (except stevia). Do not panic! This does not mean that you cannot enjoy sweets more now. Just remove from your diet these that are harmful.

Industrially processed foods

Avoid anything that has been processed, and thus is not in its natural form. For example, sausage, finished products of all kinds, bread and bakery products, snacks, fast food, soft drinks, candy, etc.

Weight loss- Fitness and Sport

What are your favourite sports? Enjoy. For example, cycling is a great idea.Cycling is a great combination of sightseeing and endurance training. The calorie consumption is about 412 calories per hour. It is recommended that an additional strength training for abdominal and back muscles, mainly because the leg muscles are used and the unusual posture in newcomers can quickly lead to back pain.

To the somewhat helps prevent the correct seat height adjustment. The leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at the bottom dead centre. Biking is somewhat more time consuming than jogging, but varied and fast. A great sport for losing weight.